Online Marketing Campaign Management
- Search Engine Optimization, Need Help?

Creating an effective online marketing campaign and managing this campaign is a big task. In order to be a leading force in your industry an understanding of your busniess market and competition needs to be obtained. Creating a customized marketing campaign specific to your needs and budget is the goal. This is done by making organic website, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improvements and complimentary marketing campaigns. This results in qualified traffic to your website, a high return on your advertising investment (ROI), and the ability to monitor your spending. The most effective modern marketing campaigns combine website optimization and advertising campaigns that are customized specifically for your business and industry. Please contact me for a FREE review and management quote. Check out the small business SEO Blue Print.

Why SEO Marketing Online?
- results driven marketing

I create complete marketing campaigns. This means carefully combining just the right marketing venues to achieve your goals and maximize your budget. Future marketing decisions are made based on results and where you are getting the biggest return on your investment. I work with web developers and IT professionals in order to create the most cost effective and modern marketing campaigns available.

SEO - Organic Website Optimization:

  • Target Market Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Structure Review
  • Content Review
  • Code improvements
  • Tag improvements
  • Site speed improvements
  • Sitemap(s) creation
  • Find more about SEO

Online Advertising Campaigns (paid advertising):

Once you have a website that has been optimized for organic search results, is there a need to pay for advertising? Yes, paid advertising extends your reach far beyond your typical search results. Paid advertising also provides insight on how users behave when searching for your product or service and provides direction for future advertising campaigns and website optimization.

Benefits of Paid Advertising:

  • Image advertising on other websites (Google Network)
  • Affiliate advertising - beyond Google Network
  • Geographically target your potential clients
  • Discover new keywords or phrases
  • Understand how users search for your product
  • Build brand awareness
  • More on paid advertising campaigns (PPC)